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Born and raised in Brussels, the European City of Culture, I came into contact with art at an early age. My ancestors were either painters or musicians. Thus, painting and music have naturally aroused my interest and imagination. As a child and an adolescent, my attempts at painting were limited to sketches, water colours and charcoal drawings. Later, I started doing caricatures of business people. Art museums in many European cities are for me a constant source of inspiration and new ideas. My passion is Eastern painting. In 2004 I found enough spare time to start learning the technique of Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy. First with Ursula Molle at the VHS Wedel in Wedel, afterwards with Xiaomin Liu and  Grand Master Chen Xiowang I could improve my technique. With Manuela Frank in Allgäu, South Germany, I have improved my technique of watercolouring. In 2011 I learned new techniques with Christine Ruge. My paintings have been exhibited, among others, at the Wu Wei Tai Chi Academy in Hamburg-Othmarschen and during the RISSEN ART.


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1. Chinese ink painting & chinese calligraphy:

a) Grand Master Chen Xiaowang:
b) Fabienne Verdier:
c) Xiaomin Liu:


2. Chinese martial arts:

a) Tai Chi:äge/
b) Qi Gong:

3. Design & calligraphy:
4. Art therapist and painter:
5. Occidental calligraphy:


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